Far Horizon is book four in the science fiction adventure series

Tales from the Juggernaut

Far Horizon by Peter A Dixon. Far Horizon is the fourth book in the science fiction adventure series Tales from the Juggernaut.

Welcome to the Far Horizon

The truth behind the disappearance of the colony ship Far Horizon has been discovered.

Now the Commonwealth is in a race against time, and against the ruthless Cabal, to rescue the survivors.

As a reward for her help in locating the Solar Forge, Tila Vasquez has been invited to join the rescue fleet on their mission to Baru to search for her father and the other survivors of the lost colony ship, but are there any left to find?

In recognition of his efforts, Malachi has been offered a place on an engineering program to restore a derelict warship. It’s an opportunity he can’t pass up, but it will bring unexpected challenges that will push the limit of what he thinks he is capable of.

And Ellie’s reward is the chance to train as a cadet in the Commonwealth fleet, where new rivals will make her face up to the possibility that she might not be the best.

Separated for the first time, these three friends have to face their trials alone. But when they can only rely on themselves will they be equal to the challenges to come?

Because somewhere, on the edge of Commonwealth space, something is coming..