Parador is book two in the science fiction adventure series

Tales from the Juggernaut

Parador by Peter A Dixon. Parador is the second book in the science fiction adventure series Tales from the Juggernaut.

Welcome to Parador

Twelve years ago the colony mission failed. The Far Horizon was lost through an unstable jump portal. New Dawn and Rising Star were destroyed.

At least that was the story Tila Vasquez knew.

But when Tila found an impossible ship, a shuttle from the Far Horizon, buried in the depths of the derelict space city named the Juggernaut, she knew that story was a lie.

Hidden in the city she found data which revealed more about the doomed mission than she knew; that perhaps anyone knew.

Now these secrets have led Tila to Parador, the wealthiest and most powerful planet in all the Commonwealth. On Parador decisions are made which affect the lives of billions.

And sometimes the life of one.

Along with her friends Ellie and Malachi, Tila must find the powerful individuals behind the original mission, and convince them to listen to her evidence.

New allies and enemies stand in their way, but will Tila be able to tell the difference before it’s too late?

And besides, there are some who will do anything to keep their secrets hidden…