The Dead Fleet is book three in the science fiction adventure series

Tales from the Juggernaut

The Dead Fleet by Peter A Dixon. The Dead Fleet is the third book in the science fiction adventure series Tales from the Juggernaut.

Welcome to the Dead Fleet

The dead keep their secrets.

Having narrowly escaped Typhon on Parador, Tila and her friends have uncovered a new clue in their search for the truth behind the colony mission, and they have a new destination: The Dead Fleet.

Suspended around the remote Praxis system on the edge of civilised space, the dead fleet was once the last battlefield of the civil war.

Now the Commonwealth is at peace, the dead fleet has become a graveyard in space, but it remains a labyrinth of ghosts hiding a deadly secret of its own: A secret the mysterious Cabal will kill to protect.

Tila, Ellie and Malachi are outnumbered, unprepared, and oblivious to the dangers before them.

When everything is on the line, will their best be enough?

Not one of them is prepared for the revelations to come.

And they are not alone…